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Singithang, Namchi District, Sikkim, India.

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Harmony of Heritage: The Musical and Ritual Instruments of the Rai

Harmony of Heritage: The Musical and Ritual Instruments of the Rai


यलमबर बाजा - याले केन


चरिबाजा- चोङवाकेन


Paruken (Dhol-Biriken)



सिल्ली केन - सिल्ली पोमी

Selimay/ Silli Pemi

चमर- सिलोमी


In Harmony with Heritage: Live Performances of Rai Musical Instruments


Late Sona Ram Rai and Family in Traditional Rai Attire, Yangang, 1944

Cultural Milestone: Sona Ram Rai and Family, The Inspiration for Rai Male Attire

Late. Sona Ram Rai and his family with daughter Late. Nanda Kumari Rai of Yangang (1944) in Rai attire

This historic photograph, taken in 1944, features the late Sona Ram Rai and his family, including his daughter, the late Nanda Kumari Rai, in their hometown of Yangang. The Rai family is depicted in traditional Rai attire, a significant cultural representation of their heritage.

This photograph holds immense historical value as it served as the reference for the design and adoption of the official Rai male dress code in 2012. The attire showcased in this image reflects the rich cultural legacy and the traditional dressing styles of the Rai community, an essential aspect of their identity.

The Rai dress, as seen in the photograph, has since become a symbol of cultural pride and heritage within the community.


The AKRS’ Plantation Drive in Sikkim 2023

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